Millions of Americans have difficulty speaking and hearing.
Millions more – family and friends – are impacted, too.

Social isolation, academic and employment difficulties, and struggles with daily activities frequently result.

This is why Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center exists – COMMUNICATION IS KEY to all areas of life. Communication helps prevent and eliminate poverty, helps children of all backgrounds succeed in the classroom, and communication helps obtain careers and have meaningful relationships in life.

By being a corporate sponsor for our event, you are helping us advance our important and well-needed work in Greater Cleveland. You can download the 2020 sponsorship PDf by clicking here: BWRforms_SponsorOpps


Ways you can buy a sponsorship:

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  2. You can pay by check and/or request an invoice. Just contact Audrey Bucholtz at or 216-325-7574.

Note: All Sponsorships are 100% tax-deductible

For more information, contact Audrey Bucholtz, Development Coordinator, at (216) 325-7574