Most importantly – HAVE FUN! (And dress in costume. Because that makes everything better.)

Cleveland Big Wheel Relay

Race Rules

  • Each of the four team members must ride one full length of the track.
  • Each team member must be at least 18 years of age to participate.
  • We expect our racers to drink responsibly, we do serve beer onsite, and if we suspect a racer heavily under the influence, we reserve the right to not let them race for their safety and the safety of others.
  • The big wheel must be set fully behind the starting line before each team member may start down the track, and not advance past the start line until the race emcee begins the race. One false start will be allowed per team per race during the beginning of the race.  A false start will result in a restart of the race with offending team starting at the false start line, 5 meters behind the start line.
  • Riders must use the pedals or their own body while still sitting in the big wheel seat to advance the big wheel down the track – NO PUSHING IS ALLOWED!
  • The next rider cannot begin their leg of the race until the current rider fully crosses the line at each end of the track through their own efforts. The big wheel may cross the line in any direction (if you turn by accident before the line you may cross in reverse using your legs), as long as it is fully past the line before an exchange is attempted.  NO INTENTIONAL SPINNING ACROSS THE LINE PRIOR TO THE EXCHANGE IS ALLOWED.
  • Once the big wheel is across the line bring the big wheel to a complete stop, exit the big wheel and two team members must then lift and turn the big wheel around. PLEASE DO NOT TURN/SPIN THE BIG WHEEL AROUND WHILE RIDING, this causes undue stress on the big wheel and increases the chance of it being damaged to the point where it will no longer operate.
  • Any team found responsible for causing excessive damage to the big wheels in this manner will be subject to elimination, pending a review by the race officials.
  • In the event that during the race a big wheel breaks to the point where it can no longer operate successfully, the race emcee will halt the riders at the point they were where at when the damage occurred. An operational big wheel will be swapped for the damaged one, and the race emcee will re-start the race once both riders are ready.
  • At no time may anyone other than the current rider enter either of the two race lanes. A patron of the event (racer or observer) physically interfering with the other team during the race is not allowed.
  • Any team found in violation will be subject to elimination by the race officials.
  • If your big wheel veers outside of the race lane, immediately stop your big wheel and return it to the lane before continuing to make forward progress. You must place the big wheel in the spot where it exited the lane.
  • If an accidental collision occurs with the other team and both big wheels remain operational, reset your big wheel within your lane at the point of the collision and then continue racing.
  • Helmets are strongly encouraged for all riders and are provided at both ends of the race track for participant use
  • The first team to have all four team members peddle the big wheel one length of the track will be declared the race winners and move forward to the next round.
  • In the event of a tie being called by the line judges, one rider from each team will race head to head from the turnaround line to the start/finish line to determine the winner.
  • Line judges appointed by the Cleveland Big Wheel Relay Team at the start/finish line and turn around line will determine the enforcement of these rules and the overall winner of each race. All decisions made by them are final.

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