We are a proud partner of American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s (ASHA) Identify the Signs campaign.  This is a new, nationwide effort to educate the public about communication disorders.

With over 96 years of experience working in the field of communication disorders, Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center has seen the debilitating effects that these issues can have when left unaddressed in our community. Too often, people wrestle with these challenges for years because they fail to receive proper, timely treatment. Early detection of speech, language, and hearing issues is absolutely critical to improving academic, social, and career outcomes—and improving one’s quality of life at any age.

When you support efforts like Cleveland Big Wheel Relay, you’re not only having fun with your teammates… you’re apart of something very important to us … raising awareness of our work in the community.

When you share your team page on your social media, or send emails to your network to support your fundraising efforts, you’re doing more than fundraising. You’re helping us further our reach into the community.

We thank you in advance for the tremendous help you provide to our organization.