Fundraising Tool Kit


Team Fundraising … Tips to be Successful

  • Once you have registered you and your team members, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • The confirmation email will provide you with the link to create your unique fundraising webpage.
  • Update your personal fundraising webpage and tell your story about why you’re participating in Big Wheel Relay.
  • Upload a photo. You could use a team photo from the year before.

Fundraising Steps for SuccessImportant Actions 

  1. Recruit team Members
    Don’t try to do everything yourself. Recruit team participants that will help you win on race day and with fundraising!
  2. Calculate Team Goals:
    Each team is responsible for raising a minimum of $400; we encourage each team to raise $800 as a team. We ask each team member to contribute $100 and raise another $100.

                        $_________ Team Goal

             $_________ Raised through a special event.

        3. Utilize social media and materials provided by CHSC
       4. Say Thanks!
Recognize and thank all of your donors for donating to your team. Make sure to invite all of them to the Big Wheel event!!