Am I required to have a team to participate in this year’s event? Absolutely not! Health and safety are our biggest concern,  now more than ever, which is why we revamped our annual fundraiser to minimize person-to-person contact. However, we do encourage that you get your furry family member involved – that would be PAWsome!

What if I already formed a team prior to COVID-19? A: Although this year’s event will not be in person due to safety precautions, you are welcome to explore fun and creative ways to virtually #gothedistancechsc with you squad.

Are teams still expected to raise $400 for this year’s event? We understand that 2020 has presented many difficulties, which is why we are not requiring that teams raise a specific amount. However, we do encourage that all participants continue to raise what they can to help support programs and services at CHSC.

Should video submissions include an intro? That is up to you! If you do decide to do an intro, please make sure that it is accessible! If your intro includes speaking, it must be captioned. We HIGHLY recommend that your video intro be done by holding up signs to let us know who you are and why you #GoTheDistanceCHSC.

What is a hashtag and how do I use it? A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites and applications, especially Twitter, to identify messages on a specific topic.

Steps to Use It

  1. Open your Facebook account and proceed to create a post.
  2. Upload your video and supporting text.
  3. Don’t forget to add your hashtag before posting. Here are a few tips:
    1. Be sure to include the hash sign (#)
    2. Do not add spaces between your phrase
      1. Ex.#gothedistancechsc

Where do my dollars go? Your donations go to support the programs and services of Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center; including the Regional Infant Hearing Program, Speech-Language and Audiology services and the Community Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Is my contribution tax deductible? Yes! A tax substantion letter will be mailed to the address provided by all online donors. This letter will indicate the amount of the gift as well as the tax year.

Is my information secure? Yes. We take the security of your personal information very seriously and will never sell your personal information to any third parties.

Are there any prizes for this event? Yes! You can win prizes for: Most Money Raised, Most Creative Video, and Best Costume! We have some great prizes donated by our community partners and local businesses.

What if I am unable to attend the event on October 24? Will there be a recording I can view later? The event on October 24th will take place over zoom! We will be celebrating the success of the event and announcing the award winners. We will plan to record the event and it will be available upon request.

Comments? Leave them here.

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