Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 8th Annual Big Wheel Relay is going to look a little bit different this year…



It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Record a video of yourself as you #GoTheDistanceCHSC in a creative, unique, or quirky way! Gather your team, family, friends, pets, or do it yourself!
    • Walk, crawl, crab walk, cartwheel, whatever! Find the most creative way that you can to travel at least 10 feet.
    • A few important guidelines for your videos
      • Videos should be no more than 30 seconds
      • We want all videos to be accessible so please, no talking allowed in the videos. You can share any messages you might have in the video with written signs.
  2. Share your video on Facebook using the hashtag #GoTheDistanceCHSC. Using this hashtag will allow us to track submissions and will automatically enter your video for  for the coveted title of Most Creative! You could even win a prize!
    • Videos much be shared by 11:59pm on Monday, October 19th for prize consideration.
  3. Raise some funds and fun!
    • Along with your post, we encourage everyone to share the donation page (www.chsc.org/bigwheelrelay) with their video post and encourage their networks to donate and support CHSC.
    • You can even start your own fundraising team on the page and work towards the goal of being the Top Fundraiser!
    • Challenge your friends to #GoTheDistanceCHSC , donate, and make their own videos!

Fundraising: Individuals who raise at least $400 will earn a limited edition 2020 Big Wheel Goes The Distance t-shirt! We will also be announcing some other fundraising challenges throughout the campaign with some sweet prizes for top fundraisers!

Anticipated Awards: While we might get more creative between now and then, we plan to present the following awards to the teams:
1. Top Fundraiser
2. Most Creative Video
3. Best Costume

Winners will be decided by an elite panel of CHSC judges!

Celebration Happy Hour: Join us on Saturday, October 24th at 1pm for a virtual happy hour celebration of the success of the #GoTheDistanceCHSC campaign! During this event we will watch some of our favorite videos and get a play-by-play analysis by everyone’s favorite Big Wheel Relay emcee, WKYC morning news anchor Dave Chudowsky. We will also announce our top prize winners! All donors and participants are invited!

Comments? Leave them here.

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