2017 Food Vendor

Excited to welcome Betty’s Bomb @$$ Burgers 

One of the best parts about race day is watching each team compete to become the Cleveland Big Wheel Champion. But while guests have fun watching each heat, they’re also enjoying food and beverages from LOCAL vendors!

This year, new to our event, is Betty’s Bomb @$$ Burgers, owned by Chef Lena Brown. Brown has been a Chef for 20+ years, and Betty’s has been around the last five years.

Brown’s goal for Betty’s is to serve the best burgers possible – using as many local products as she can. This year she has had the opportunity to change the menu. They are now making everything except – condiments and large amounts of cheese! Some of the items they are making include: pastrami, Italian beef, fresh mozzarella cheese, pimento cheese, & homemade chiccarones on the truck! YUM!!!


Another fun fact about this company is Brown has elected to run an all female staff. Brown says, “The Betty Girls are amazing and have all been with me 3+ years so there is a love and smooth rhythm to the truck!”

Remember, when you support our local food vendors, they are generously donating 15% back to the Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center. So come hungry and enjoy!

You can support Betty’s Bomb @$$ Burgers by ‘liking’ their Facebook page. 

Bettys Burgers Logo


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