Wheelie Wheelie Fast is the winner of the first team challenge!

Congratulations to the team, Wheelie Wheelie Fast, managed by Wade Weber, for fundraising a total of $405 during our first fundraising challenge. They have won lunch for four at Potbelly and four ice cream scoops at Mitchell’s ice cream.

The challenge was to raise the most dollars in one week! The competition was fierce, as many teams put in tremendous effort towards winning this challenge.

The runners up were- Three Men and a Brady, Big Wheels Keep on Turnin’, Real Men of Old West, Browns Believers, Paislee’s Pilots, and Royal Rollers. All of these teams were in very close competition for this fundraising challenge.

Again, thank you so much for all of your enthusiasm, dedication, and passion towards helping us reach our goal of $25,600 before June 25, 2016.

We will be rolling out another team fundraising challenge soon! In the meantime, keep up the great momentum! And don’t forget to help us get a social buzz by sharing and posting with our event hashtag, #CLEbwr

Thanks so much!

New Partners of CHSC!

If you want to view the teams we have or make a donation, please visit www.chsc.org/bigwheel 





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