Kait Tisler first heard of Cleveland Big Wheel Relay from her friend Anna Marie Murphy. Kait knew the cause was really important to her and her family, so, naturally, she wanted to support her friend. Kait explained, “Have you ever noticed how you find yourself caring about things the people you love care about? There are so many worthwhile causes out there, but the personal connection really made this event and organization stand out.”

PaleoToMe_Logo1Originally Kait got Paleo to Me involved because the event sounded so much fun and different from any other fundraising event. As Kait learned more about the services provided by Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center (CHSC), the more she and her team were compelled to do what they could to help.

Kait explained the importance of CHSC, “Unless you’re personally connected to someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, you likely take the privilege of communication for granted. It’s a great opportunity to support the nation’s oldest hearing and speech center and our area’s only nonprofit dedicated to service those with special communication needs right here in Cleveland.” 

Paleo to Me is a healthy meal delivery service delivering fresh meals weekly to more than 30 locations all over Northeast Ohio. They post new menus online every Monday, and their customers order by Thursday. The meals are prepared over the weekend for Monday pick-up. They have recently added vegan and vegetarian options, bone broth and chemical-free BBQ and ranch sauces.

Last year Paleo to Me was one of the food vendors at Big Wheel Relay. And now, Kait says with excitement, “I just can’t imagine that we won’t have so much fun not just being a vendor and selling lunch, but racing with the rest of the teams! I’m looking forward to supporting such a great cause in a really fun way!” So they put together a team: Eat Pork, Not Pavement.

Eat Pork, Not Pavement, is offering their customers the chance to support their fundraising efforts each time they check-out online by adding $1, $5, or $10 donation to their order.

Kait and her team are thrilled to be participating at this year’s event both as a vendor and as a team, “We are really excited to bring some lunch along, support the center and race- and look out, because we’re bringing the heat!!!” 

Click here to learn more about Paleo to Me

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