We are very excited to announce something new for this year’s race – individual races!

Over the years, we’ve heard rumblings from our spectators that they would love the opportunity to hop on one of our trikes and go for a ride. This year – we’ve made that possible!

While the bulk of our event will still be focused around the 4-person team relay race tournament, we will have a second track this year where individuals can participate in timed, individual races!

Who can participate in the time trials?

Anyone! (over the age of 18)

Participants already racing on a 4-person team will get one complimentary time trial race, and may pay for additional timed races should you want to get more races in.

Spectators who come and are not on a 4-person team will have the ability to make a $5 donation to CHSC to participate in this fun, extra event!

How will the individual races work?

Think of our individual races like time trials. You will hop on a trike and race one length of our track as quickly as you can! We will time your race and record it against all of the individual races that day. The fastest straightaway of the day will get a prize!

How will the races be judged?

We will have a dedicated announcer and judges at our time trial track.

More details soon!

We’ll reveal full time trial rules and information a little bit later on – but please, make sure to invite your family and friends to come participate in this individual event! If you have any questions at all – please make sure to email us at newpartners@chsc.org.

We still have 3 team spots left – please click here to register a team.

Hope to see you on June 25!


About Our Race

The Cleveland Big Wheel Relay is an annual fundraising event organized by New Partners of Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center, the young professional Associate Board of Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center (CHSC). The event will take place on Saturday, June 25, 2016 from 2-5 p.m. on W. 11th alongside Lincoln Park in Tremont, Ohio and will include music, food truck goodies, a beer tent, raffle to raise funds for CHSC, Big Wheel t-shirts made by Cleveland Clothing Co., and an exciting relay race on low-riding trikes. Teams of four must sign up before the race and raise a minimum team fundraising goal. Spectators are welcome and encouraged, and will be admitted for free on the day of the race.

For more information on the race, please visit www.clevelandbigwheelrelay.com.

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