If you wanted to race in the Cleveland Big Wheel Relay, you’ll unfortunately have to make plans to race with us next year! Our team spots are officially sold out!

Good news is, you can still support us in several big ways:

  1. Make a donation to the event and/or donate specifically to one of our teams. You can do so on our Stay Classy online fundraising site. We are currently sitting at $11,733 in fundraising, which puts us at 67% of our goal. Help us reach $17,500 by making a small donation – every little bit helps!
  2. Join us in Shaker Square on Saturday, June 14 between 2-5 p.m. We’ll have official Cleveland Big Wheel Relay t-shirts for sale designed by CLE Clothing Co., The Orange Truk selling awesome goodies through its food truck, The BottleHouse Brewery serving up some of their craft brews, raffle tickets for sale for great local restaurants and activities, and – a crowd favorite from last year – water balloons for sale at the end of the event to throw at our final four competing teams! Come support us in person and enjoy the laughs and thrills our relay race has to offer!

We’re beyond thrilled that our event is becoming one of the most popular races in Cleveland! Thanks for all you have done to this point to support Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center. Your dollars and participation have and will continue to have a great and positive impact on those in our community who need it! Learn more about how your dollars support CHSC here.

See you in less than 2 weeks!

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