2014-BHSM-logo-horizThis month, we’re on a mission to support Better Hearing & Speech Month – a month dedicated to raising awareness and funds for those with communication challenges – and we’d like to ask for your help in doing so!

Make a small donation to CHSC this week and support those in your local community with communication challenges.

How CHSC Supports Our Community

This isn’t a new thing for us – Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center (CHSC) was founded in 1921 and has a long and remarkable history of helping individuals with communication challenges become independent members of the Greater Cleveland Community.

Click here to watch a video that explains the services within CHSC and its impact on our local community:

Or, for more information about how CHSC, visit www.chsc.org.

Show Your Support By Donating to a Participating Team!

This week, our Cleveland Big Wheel Relay teams are competing in a fundraising competition.

The team that raises the most money before Monday, May 12 will win a special fundraising prize as a thank you for their part in supporting Better Hearing & Speech Month!

Help your favorite team (or a completely random team) this weekby making a secure online donation. You’ll receive an email confirmation of your donation for tax purposes.

Donate a couple dollars – every little bit helps!

Thank you for your support!

Comments? Leave them here.

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