fb coverWe recently updated our website with some helpful race FAQs.

Some of these include:

  • Where do my dollars go?
  • How much money do I need to raise to race?
  • Is my contribution tax deductible?
  • How do I register?
  • Do I have to have all of my racers’ names right now?
  • What is the structure of the race?
  • And plenty more!

Click here to visit our FAQs page to read more about the race and what you’ll need to know if you’re considering racing with us.

Remember – Registration is now open! Click here to register your team. Hope to see you in Shaker Square with us on Saturday, June 14 from 2-5 p.m.

About Our Race

The Cleveland Big Wheel Relay is an annual fundraising event organized by New Partners of Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center, the young professional Associate Board of Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center (CHSC). The event will take place on Saturday, June 14 from 2-5 p.m. in Shaker Square and will include a music, food truck goodies, a beer tent and an exciting relay race on low-riding trikes. Teams of four must sign up before the race and raise a minimum team fundraising goal of $300. Spectators are welcome and encouraged, and will be admitted for free on the day of the race. For more information on the race, please visit www.clevelandbigwheelrelay.com. For more information on Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center, please visit www.chsc.org.

Click here to send a message to New Partners of CHSC.

Comments? Leave them here.

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