We’ll have a participant meeting before the race to go over all of the rules for the day, but we thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a sneak peek at our race rules for race day.

Overall, it’s just common sense. We want everything to go smoothly, show respect for our judges, fellow racers and the bikes we’ll be riding. But our most important rule is … HAVE FUN!

Race Rules:

  • Each of the four team members must ride one length of the track
  • At each end of the track the trike must fully cross the line before you may change riders
  • Riders may use any means to get the bikes down the track as long as it does not compromise the trike and they are seated on the trike the whole time – they do not need to use the pedals
  • Once the trike is across the line bring the bike to a complete stop, exit the trike and two team members must then lift and turn the bike around. Please do not turn the bike around while riding
  • We will allow one false start per match-up. If a team false starts, we will bring both racers back to the start line and the guilty team will be moved back behind the false start line
  • At no time may anyone other than the rider enter either of the two race lanes. Physically interfering with the other team during the race is not allowed, with the exception of the throwing of official water balloons. Any team in violation will be subject to elimination
  • The first team to have all four team members peddle one length of the track will move forward to the next round
  • A line judge appointed by the Cleveland Big Wheel Relay management team will determine the winner of the race. All decisions are final
  • If your trike veers outside of the race lane, immediately stop your tike and return it to the lane before continuing to make forward progress. You must place the trike in the spot where it exited the lane
  • If an accidental collision occurs with the other team, reset your bike within your lane at the point of the collision and then continue racing
  • Helmets are strongly encouraged for all riders and are provided at both ends of the race tack for participant use

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