Here we are – just one month away from the first annual Cleveland Big Wheel Relay! As a group, New Partners of Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center could not be any more excited for race day to be here. We have had remarkable support and an amazing response from the community already – and we can’t wait to see how much money we’ll raise for Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center by the end of our race.

Want to know how much money our awesome teams have raised to this point? Click here!

If you’d like to make a donation (either directly to CHSC or to help a team reach its minimum fundraising goal) you can do so on that page, too.

We still have two team spots left, and would love to fill those to complete our bracket! After all – more racers = more costumes = more fun!

If you know of any friends who you think would be interested in racing with us on June 15 in Shaker Square – on these trikes – please let them know that they can still do that.

You can register a team by clicking here.

For more information on the race and event day, please click here or leave us a message.

Looking forward to seeing our racers and spectators out there on race day!

Comments? Leave them here.

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