Did we mention there’s going to be water balloons?

For those teams that plan to take this race a little too seriously (you know who you are), you better come prepared to tackle any obstacle we throw your way … in this case, those obstacles will be water balloons!


Throughout the course of the event, we’ll be selling water balloons that you will be able to throw at other race participants, but you will only be permitted to throw those water balloons during the semi-final and final heats of our tournament! (In other words … only at the last four teams standing.)

We have to find ways to make it interesting, don’t we?

Who should want to buy water balloons?

  • Friends and spectators -Buy balloons to throw at your friends racing. It’ll be fun, I promise.
  • Competitors and those who have already been knocked out of the tournament -Buy balloons to throw at your enemies and slow them down. Don’t get mad, get even.
  • If you’re one of the last four racers, and you don’t want water balloons thrown at you– Buy up the balloons so that you can stay safe and dry during your last few races! 

Water balloons will be $1 each, or 6 for $5, and will only be sold in Shaker Square on raceday. You will not permitted to bring your own water balloons.

Questions about Cleveland Big Wheel Relay? Leave us a message or give Katie Richlick a call at 216-325-7579.

Comments? Leave them here.

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