Date: Saturday, October 24, 2020
Time: 1-4 p.m.
Location: Mulberry’s | 2316 Mulberry Ave. | West Bank of the Flats

Race Details: The race will have two lanes. In each lane, one team of four will relay-race the length of the track four times, going around cones and crossing obstacles. The first team to get all of their teammates down, back, down, back and across the finish line is the winner of that heat.

All teams will be entered into a tournament bracket, which will be single elimination, and we will continue competing until we’ve named our Cleveland Big Wheel Relay Championship Team of 2020!

We will be riding Huffy Green Machine trikes, which are more than capable of withholding adult weights!

Spectators: The event is FREE to attend and is family friendly. There will be plenty of fun for spectators, too! Raffle prizes, food trucks, beer tent (provided by Tremont Tap House), shirts from CLE Clothing for sale and play a fun game or two of cornhole with your friends.

Fundraising: Each team is required to hit a minimum fundraising mark of $400. The highest fundraising team gets a special and awesome prize! We’ve had several teams exceed $1,000 in the past, and last year, at least two teams raised over $2,000! Our racers are awesome!

Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center Big Wheel Rally, Saturday, June 22, 2019. (© 2019 Phil Long/PRL Photographic)

Anticipated Awards: While we might get more creative between now and then, we expect to present awards for the teams with the following:
1. Most Money Raised
2. Best Team Costumes
3. Tournament Winner
4. First Team out of the Competition … aka Dead Last Place 🙂

Additional Opportunities to Get Involved: Don’t think you have what it takes to race? We need volunteers to help make our day a success. If you’d like to volunteer your time on the day of the race, please contact Audrey Bucholtz at CHSC by calling (216) 325-7574 or contact us here.

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